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mapaespanaAnchovies Matias Lopez currently has a strong distribution network nationwide which allows us to bring our products to all areas of the Spanish geography. We work with different types of distributors and sales agents who market our products in catering and food businesses.

If you are interested in incorporating our trademarks to your portfolio of products do not hesitate to contact us. We can find different ways of working: Distributor, External Sales Agent... In any case you can benefit from trade discounts that will ensure high returns on their operations with us.

Moreover in these delicate times we live in, have a differential quality product ensures a success in a competitive market. Many food companies already have supplemented their activities with our products by obtaining a clearly positive result. Do not stay with the doubt and contact us and tell us your ideas. Contact HERE.

mapamundiOur expansion has no borders and therefore we have also successfully launched the sale in other markets. If you have food businesses in other countries and think that our products can fit into your customers do not hesitate to tell us.

We currently maintain trade agreements with several companies working in different European Union countries plus the United States, Argentina and Australia. Anchovies and salted seafood and are widely accepted in these countries for their distinctive and rich flavor.


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