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After 15 years in their former facilities, Anchovies Matías López opened in the spring of 2008 a complete set of modern facilities in the industrial area of Murcia to include an advanced industrial plant for processing and canning of fresh fish.

This plant has a lot of facilities for handling, processing and packaging, accompanied by a set of cold storage to keep the fish in ideal conditions for proper treatment in all stages of production.

           Handling Area                  Proccesing Area                Packaging Areamujereslimpiando2 mujeresenvasando salaproductoterminado

This new factory also has an exhibition tent where customers may purchase our products directly.

              Shop                                     Sample Shelving                         Exposure
tiendaexposicion estanteriastienda estanteriastienda2

Of course, instalacions are completed by a set of uniquely decorated office where we manage all other areas of the company.

                     Hall                                 Board Room                            Dining Room
 hall saladejuntas comedor

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